New editions of Horatiu Radulescu piano sonatas 2-6: announcing pre-orders

Lucero print are thrilled to announce that the complete set of Lucero piano sonatas are now available for pre-order! Meticulously put together over the course of 18 months, these new editions have been edited by Ian Pace and Kyle Rowan. They were re-engraved from the ground-up by Kyle Rowan, and several feature alternative-notation appendices by Ian Pace. Each sonata comes with a lengthy essay by master pianist Ian Pace, featuring historical and musicological explication together with notes to aid the interpreter. 

These sonatas will be available for pre-order over the month of November, at a special introductory price. Printing and shipment on these orders will take place in the first week of December.  

30 CHF per individual sonata
130 CHF for all 5 in a bundle

After the 1st of December this will revert to the standard pricing of:

35 CHF per individual sonata
150 CHF for the full set in a bundle

To place a pre-order, please email:
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(Please note that additional costs for postage and handling will apply.)